Successful projects require a generous amount of time, patience, and true craftsmanship. At Kane Builders, we want to dive deep into the meaning and keep the value of craftsmanship alive.

Our work focuses on capturing the eyes and creating an experience for our clients. We’ve pulled a few of our very own projects that showcase the time and detail we’ve dedicated to our clients. Let’s take a look at some of the endless possibilities:

  1. The Ultimate Wine Cellar

If you’re looking for a different kind of entertainment in your home, Kane Builders can help you design and achieve that goal. With our craftsmanship comes authentic creativity that can result to something like this project below:

Kane Builder projects are limitless both inside and out! In this project, we focused on creating a unique, yet stunning exterior that would create a cohesive feel once you stepped inside.





3. Storage Builds

With creativity comes functionality (if you’re working with the right team!) In this instance, we focused on clean lines and practicality throughout the home. So yes! You can have it all.



4. Sliding Barn Door

Our craftsmanship wouldn’t be complete without having created barn doors. This is the ultimate American feel and authentic touch to any home (especially in the Midwest).

Big or small, Kane Builders is dedicated to your project goals. We’ll turn your vision into life.

Kane Builders – Exceeding Expectations.