It can be a process within itself finding a contractor to help you visualize and build your dream home. Whether you’re looking to do an entire remodel or a smaller project – Kane Builders understands it’s a large and important task at hand.

In today’s article, we’ll cover three things to go over when hiring a potential contractor.

1. Portfolio

Does your potential contractor have a portfolio that appeals to your taste or aligns with your vision? This might be obvious from the get-go, but portfolios can oftentimes be neglected to get looked over closely. Someone else’s home might look great, but it might not be as cohesive for your style of home. Instead of looking at what you could get for face value, it’s also important to pay attention to the details of their portfolio work. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for those references and speak with other past clients.

2. Credentials

The outside finished products aren’t the only thing to look for when hiring a contractor. Asking your home improvement team about other credentials they’re affiliated with can help you better understand how much high-quality work they can provide you. Also be sure that you’re asking contractors for their license, bonds, and insurance, workers’ compensation, etc.

3. Written estimate/ proposal

Obtaining all your information in writing with timelines, deliverables, plans, pricing – the whole nine yards. The initial proposal process can help set the tone for how frequent and detailed a contractor will be with you during the building process. It is certainly important to have a prompt and available home improvement contractor that is ready to communicate throughout the process.

Kane Builders is dedicated to providing clients with the best quality of materials, process, timeliness, and certainly in creating meaningful client relationships.

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