Movie theaters have been a popular addition to homes in recent years, and they can be created for any type of budget. But a good home theater is more than a TV and a couch with a great audio system. If you want a quality home movie theater, you’ll need the following:

A room without natural light

A home theater is the one room where you don’t need natural light sources—if you want the feeling of being in a real theater, the room needs to be dark. Additionally, if you’re transforming an already-existing room in your home, you’ll want to add some blackout curtains over any windows or doors. Basements are ideal spaces for home theaters because of the lack of natural lighting.

Movie theater seating

Ditch the sofa and get the real deal! Movie theater seating is a must for creating the perfect home theater. Complete with cup holders and the ability to recline, cinema chairs truly bring the movie theater feeling to your home. The seating should also not be too close to the screen so that all viewers can enjoy watching.

A soundproofed room

Hearing the dishwasher running or people talking in the next room can ruin the movie experience, so make sure you can control outside noise. It’s best for your theater to be in a separate, closed-off room rather than in an open floor plan basement. Adding sound-reducing boards on the walls will help, along with installing thick, solid doors to block any outside sound. Cushioned seating, drapes, and carpeting will also absorb sound and stop the sound from bouncing around the room.

Mini bar/snack bar

What’s a movie without the snacks? Adding a bar to the back of the room makes it easy to grab refreshments and other treats without having to pause the movie and leave the room. A popcorn machine maker would certainly be a perk, and it can sit on top of the bar so it doesn’t take up additional room.

Decorative elements

Make your home movie room feel like a real theater with dimmable wall sconces, red velvet curtains, tiered seating, and a drop-down movie screen. This also makes the room feel more luxurious and is aesthetically pleasing. Avoid bright colors for the walls and ceilings as these lighter tones will reflect light and lessen the movie theater feeling.

Excellent sound system and screen

Some people choose to go with a large, flat-screen TV for their home theater, but if you’re really going for the true movie theater experience, you’ll want a projector and screen. The size of the screen will vary depending on how big your room is and how close the seating is. Then, the room will of course need a good surround sound system to hear the movie and soundtracks the way they were meant to be heard.

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