Have you thought about what season is best for remodeling your home? With spring and summer being the most popular times for home renovations, many homeowners wonder if the winter is still a good time for a big project. Here are some advantages of remodeling your home in the winter:

Choice of contractor

Because so many homeowners schedule their renovations in the warmer months, you’ll have a higher chance of getting your choice of contractor. It’s also likely that since they’ll have fewer projects, yours will be able to get done quicker than if it were done in their busy season.

Scheduling flexibility

Like with the ability to choose a preferred contractor, you’ll also have more options for when your project will get done. Since they have fewer projects in the winter, you likely won’t have to wait very long for the renovations to begin. In addition, your project will likely take less time to complete since the contractor won’t have many other remodels or builds going on.

Get problem areas addressed

If you have a poorly insulated window, you likely won’t know until it starts letting cold air in. While you’re getting your room(s) remodeled, you can also get that window replaced. You could also add better insulation around your home or replace weather stripping while the renovations are going on.


Something big like a kitchen or bedroom remodel can really throw a wrench in your daily life, so homeowners often choose to take a winter vacation during renovations. Since you have more choices for scheduling your project, you should be able to plan your vacation and remodel for the same time frame.

Whether it’s a kitchen, basement, bathroom, or any other remodel, the experts at Kane Builders are ready to take it on. If you’d like to get on our schedule this winter, contact us through our website or give us a call.