Whether you’re trying to squeeze in a remodeling job this year or looking for the future, it’s important to be prepared in your search. Finding a home remodeler just requires a few steps on your part to make sure they’re the right contractor for the job.

When homeowners are researching a home remodeler, some questions to ask about the company include:

Do they have insurance, licenses, and permits?

A trusted and professional remodeling company will be prepared with the proper insurance and certifications. Insurance protects both the client and the business from liabilities, and the local government most likely requires permits before the job can begin. The company should also have the right certifications to perform the work.

Do they come with recommendations?

Even if you choose to ask around for referrals, it’s always best to do your own research. Look up the company online to see if they have reviews and testimonials on their website, Google, or Facebook. Have clients uploaded photos of their work to those reviews as well?

Can you view examples of their work?

Between the company’s website and social media, they should have a portfolio of their work. Check their services page to make sure they cover the type of renovation you’re looking for, which will save everyone time. Then, hopefully they have some examples in their gallery so you can see their work in action.

Are they responsive?

The home remodeling industry has been booming recently, so some delays in many parts of the job are to be expected. However, it’s always good customer service to return an inquiry in a timely manner. When reaching out for a quote, the contractor should be professional and courteous as they answer your questions. Even if they don’t have time to fit your job in this season, you may like them enough to schedule for next year.

Do they write out full bids?

Putting a contract in writing is one of the best ways for the business and client to protect themselves while setting up the project. It’s important to meet face-to-face, which they’ll most likely need to do anyway to visit your property. You want to have a full bid written out that includes all labor, materials, and additional fees so you know if it’s actually in your budget.

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