If 2022 is the year you’re finally investing in a bathroom remodel, then you should be sure to go all out for your dream finish. During the planning period, it’s important for remodelers to have all your wants and needs so they can create the perfect design. If you’re still missing a few key elements, here some popular trends to give you inspiration.

Colorful Wall Tiles

Just like other room trends, adding a pop of color also translates well in bathroom design! You can even add in some interesting texture. For example, instead of using paint for an accent wall, install tiles. It creates a real statement piece while still fitting the typical aesthetic of a bathroom. Plus, with all the different designs and colors available in tiles, you can really find the perfect one for your bathroom’s vibe.

Freestanding Tubs

When you’ve got the space, a freestanding tub gives your bathroom a luxurious feel that many homeowners love. Instead of having a built-in tub next to the wall, you get the flexibility of it being placed wherever it works best for the room. Plus, there are so many different styles to choose from. If you’re going for a vintage design, for example, then a claw-footed tub is a classic that really brings the room together.

Earthy Tones

Adding neutral, earthy tones to a room always helps it feel cozier, and that’s especially important for the bathroom where most self-care happens. Choosing more greens, tans, and creams gives it a soft aesthetic that helps the bathroom with a little or a lot of natural light.

Dual Headed Showers

Two isn’t always better than one, but it definitely is in this case. As homeowners are enjoying the benefits of a larger, remodeled shower, they can also enjoy more customization for their cleaning experience. New, dual showerheads will already come with a lot of additional features, but the best one will be switching between a stationary and detachable option.


Using marble for the countertops or marble tiles brings a modern, luxurious energy to the room. It’s a beautiful, natural material that is a constant trend for a reason. Marble also gives the room a unique look because no two marble pieces are the same. It creates more interest, and you can continue to match the marble type in other areas of the bathroom like the tiles.

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