Take a look around your kitchen—does it stress you out, not fit your style, or just need an overall update? Then here’s some ideas to help you plan the kitchen of your dreams:

Add a kitchen island.

There are so many benefits to adding a kitchen island: more storage space, extra counter space to work on, additional seating, and a focal point that helps open up the kitchen. Plus, if you’re lacking appliances or outlets in your surrounding cabinetry, a kitchen island can be hooked up with electricity, plumbing, or gas. It can include an extra heating range or dishwasher, for example, to give your kitchen more workability.

Get creative with your backsplash.

Whether you’re more drawn to a solid color, textured, or patterned backsplash, getting creative will create more interest in the space. Backsplash tiles also help protect your walls from moisture, so you can help prevent any potential mold or mildew issues. Then, if there’s any damage done to it, it’s easy to replace an individual tile. Plus, backsplash tile come in countless variety, patterns, colors, and textures, so it’s easy to keep them in budget.

Upgraded appliances.

It’s not about the exterior appearance of your appliances anymore—now, it’s all about the smart features. Whether you’re looking to update your fridge, dishwasher, oven, or stovetop, there’s more to look at now than just style and size. Fridges can now have screens to display the time, date, notes for grocery lists, and even additional apps. Induction cooktops can come equipped with Bluetooth so you never have to wonder if you accidentally left the stove on—instead, you can just turn it off from anywhere.

Open Shelves.

Along with adding style to your kitchen, open shelving is perfect for those who forget what they have in their cabinets. They can be a dual way to display décor or dishes that you forget to bring out. Plus, if you have a backsplash you love, this allows it to be shown off more. If you’re worried about displaying unattractive cooking items, then ask for a mixture of open shelving and lower cabinets or an additional storage space in a pantry.

Wine room or closet.

If homeowners are more interested in keeping their collection above ground and closer to the kitchen, instead of going for a typical basement wine cellar, they can always go for a wine room or closet. Homes are now including smaller wine rooms close to their kitchen or even under the stairs. Once homeowners have a place to display and store their collection, they will be adding value to their home and be able to save money by buying wine in bulk. Including temperature and humidity measurements will also help prevent the wine from spoiling too early.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, give the experts at Kane Builders a call to get an estimate on the kitchen remodel of your dreams.