The days are longer and the snow it (mostly) melting that means it’s almost “remodeling season”. What are your dreams and goals for remaking your home in 2020? Or are you wondering where to start?

We put together some of our favorite, stand-out 2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to help you get the ideas flowing.

Farmhouse Kitchens and Color

Farmhouse kitchen design is still hot and strong in 2020. The crisp, clean beauty of the white kitchen will likely be around for a long time. If you’re wanting the farmhouse white kitchen look, but love color some great ways to incorporate color without spoiling the farmhouse look.

  • Ceilings, sometimes referred to as the 5th wall, are a place to add a pop of color.
  • Colored appliances are also trending this year. Envision this, a perfect white kitchen with a red stove, rustic-looking stove. That thought will get the ideas flowing!
  • Other, less dramatic color additions could come in the form of shelving or handmade tiles for a backsplash.

2020 could be your year to try dabbing your toes in adding a touch of color to your kitchen design.

Kitchen Hardware

Hardware choices and mixing metal colors is popping up in design this year. Whether it’s your thing or not, pushing the design envelope a bit makes for some new ideas in remodeling. Think brass, nickel, and matte black. These metals all blend well together and can easily be incorporated into the farmhouse kitchen look.

Kitchen Larders and Pantries

A kitchen larder was originally a room in the home used for storing and preserving foods (think: the refrigerator before the refrigerator was invented). The larder has transformed to be essentially the same as what most of us now refer to as the pantry. Either a stand-alone tall cupboard that can be closed off, or a room dedicated to storage just off the kitchen, pantries are making a comeback in custom home design.

Homes of the 1990s and early 2000s were much less likely to give space to a traditional pantry room. Instead that extra space was given to a formal dining or sitting area. From a daily use standpoint, we are happy pantries are back. Storage space is something that’s always in high demand in a custom home build. Imagine having the shelf space to store an Instapot, crockpot, a turkey roaster, extra supplies and food without having to cram those items into a too high cabinet in an already full kitchen.

Is it time for a kitchen makeover? Contact our custom home and remodeling experts today. We can help you plan your dream kitchen and make it happen in 2020.