It’s important to have a dedicated work space when working from home. Since many employees are spending an unforeseeable time out of the office due to COVID-19, they should consider investing in a space that properly motivates them and provides an environment conducive to productivity. Here’s what to consider as you start planning what you want in your office remodel:


Where in your home can you remodel a space into an office? Think of an area that’s quiet and away from high-traffic areas of the home. A guest bedroom or area of the basement may be good options. You’ll need to consider the ability to plug-in all the devices you’ll need to use and not whether your Internet connection is strong in your new work area.


For jobs that need a lot of books, filed papers, or other references, organization is an important part of staying productive. That can be solved with books, filing cabinets, or large desks. It all depends on what has been helping or delaying your process. Plus, having areas like bookcases to display photos, awards, etc. will help your space feel more homey and pleasant to work in. However, you should make sure it doesn’t become too cluttered with furniture and hinder the flow of the room.


Think about what makes you more comfortable: neutral, natural, or warm colors for the walls. Now that you have the option of customizing your space completely, you can ensure your office space will be comfortable instead of distracting. If the room doesn’t already have some natural light, or you want more of it, then you could always add a window. Depending on how you work, facing your desk towards the window could also help motivate you. As you’re decorating, treat the office like a true extension of your home, and don’t be afraid to make it homey. Adding some plants could also help freshen up the room and make it feel less stale.

New Space

If you’re finding no space is completely working for you, it may be time to consider a remodel or addition to your home.

If you’re ready to invest in a new and improved home office, Kane Builders can help. We are a full-service remodeling company that will turn your dream home office into a reality.