The rise of remote work isn’t going away any time soon, which is why many homeowners have invested in remodeling a room into their home office. While designing, keep in mind these essential updates to make your workspace the best it can be.


The right lighting can create a more productive, comfortable environment. Adding a good amount of natural light will help reduce headaches and eye fatigue that can occur with harsh fluorescents. Then you can focus on a combination of other options for the rest: overhead lighting and lamps. Then you can choose what type of lighting you’re feeling for the day.

Noise Level

Adding in some solid bookcases gives the office a homey feel and also puts more noise proofing between your office and the other rooms in the home. If you want to do wall-to-wall bookcases, those can be custom made and installed into the wall. Additionally, a heavier door may need to be installed to avoid distracting noises getting through as you’re trying to focus.


While large bookcases are ideal for noise proofing, they’re also a necessity for keeping the space organized and comfortable. The bookcases can house references and books, and you can also decorate them with objects to match your own personal tastes. Additionally, focus on the storage options around your desk, where everything can be easily accessible. Building cabinets or shelves above the desk helps fill some blank space, and then you’ll have a lot of storage for your work needs.

Coffee or Tea Station

Ideal for those who have switched to remote work, coffee and tea lovers can avoid the distraction of the kitchen and instead have everything need in their office. A cabinet can be installed that’s the perfect size for all of their appliances and supplies.

Standing/Sitting Desk

While ergonomics are always important while working at a desk, sitting for too long can be avoided if you opt for an adjustable standing desk. Then, you can switch between sitting or standing depending on how you’re feeling. This simple change has helped many remote workers adopt better posture and avoid the long-term health concerns that follow from sitting for too long.

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