Once you’ve finally decided you want to remodel your kitchen, the thought of planning out the new style/design can seem daunting. It can be hard to look at your kitchen and know it needs updates, but you’re not sure what kind you want. Here’s some inspiration to get you started on designing your new kitchen.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great way to trick the eye into opening up a space. They become the focal point of the room and will not deter the illusion of its size as long as it’s properly planned. An island that’s too big for the space will only overwhelm and not leave enough foot traffic space.

Colored Tile Backsplash

While white or black cabinets have been a big trend, there’s still a way to bring color into the space while maintaining those neutral cabinets. Tile can be customized in many different designs, and it can even be custom made. You can choose how bold or subdued you want the color to be.

Smart Appliances

It’s not just about stainless steel anymore—it’s also about the smart technology available from the fridge to your coffee machine. For example: there’s motion sensor faucets, fridges with a screen that can use apps, coffee machines that will turn on at a certain time, and so much more.

Open Shelving

Never lose track of your dinnerware or glassware again with open shelving. This allows you to show it off while also know exactly where it goes. It’s also a great space for plants or décor items. Or you can show off unique dinnerware like antique or vintage pieces, your coffee/tea collection, etc.

Induction Cooking

There’s many benefits to induction stoves: you don’t need a range hood, the surface will cool down quicker to save any curious fingers, it’s less of a fire hazard, and it’s sleek design will complement many modern interiors. Plus, it’s much easier to clean so you don’t have to scrub the drip pans under a stove burner.

We hope some of these ideas sparked inspiration. Our design/construction experts at Kane Builders would be happy to help you translate your ideas into your dream kitchen. Give us a call to learn more.