It is the year of making your home your vacation space. If you’ve been thinking about a remodel, now is the time so you can maximize your enjoyment while staying home. We have a few suggestions on how to maximize your at-home entertainment so no matter the season, there’s always something to do without traveling.

Movie Room

Get family and friends together for a movie night in your own private theater. When properly designed, the ideal theater space will include surround sound, reclining chairs, and a top-notch 4K screen. The one above we designed to have two levels of seating so the whole family plus extra could gather. Placing it in an open area or a separate room will also be up to the client and how they want to customize the space.

VR Room

Virtual reality and simulation games are the new hot trend. There are already businesses who have opened up their own simulation rooms, but you can get all the fun for free at home. Like the one above, golf simulations have become an especially popular way for golfers to practice year-round. An extra bonus, it can be turned into a viewing room for watching movies.

Wine Room

Truly show your wine appreciation with a room made specially to store and categorize your collection. Including an area to sit and chat will help it become a great hosting area for friends when you want to hold a wine tasting night. Additionally, there’s opportunity to turn the storage room into a museum of sorts for your home by also placing memorabilia and souvenirs in custom displays.


Creating custom cocktails or practicing your bartending skills for your friends and family just got a lot easier with a full-service bar in your own home. When custom designed, you can even choose the style you want for your bar. From modern to rustic, we can create the perfect space for your taste.

There are so many ways to get creative and design the perfect home where the whole family will love to hang out. If you’re interested in discussing remodels, give Kane Builders a call.