Here at Kane Builders, we pride ourselves in our work. One thing we’re most proud of are the custom build outs and knowledge we have around using timber in our home designs. There are plenty of benefits to using timber in your home. Kane Builders will cover a few reasons why.

  1. Tensile Strength

When it comes to home remodels or custom builds, it’s important to have material that will hold up to last a lifetime. Timber has a high strength to weight ratio and has the ability to bend and avoid breaking. New technological developments have shown that timber can actually be stronger than stone or steel – This is known as Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT).


  1. Renewable Resource

Timber is infamous for being a renewable resource. Although trees are cut down, they are easily replanted for replacement. Timber is also recycled quite often and can be used for other purposes outside of framing.


  1. Quality Insulation

Another benefit to timber framing is the insulation quality it upholds. Timber is great at keeping in heat and electrical properties as it is effectively resistant. This is a huge reason why Kane Builders uses timber to uphold ceilings in our custom builds.

  1. It’s Diverse Purpose

Timber is unique in the ways where it can be shaped and used for just about anything. Its bendable material makes it easy to be molded and utilized for design, practicality, and structure.

  1. Sound Absorption

Wood absorbs sound instead of bouncing off and causing louder or echoing noise. This is a very overlooked quality that helps to keep your home comfortable.

  1. Overall Aesthetic

The beauty in timber is one of the most obvious benefits to add in to your home. Not only can it serve as a unique design, but also a practical and functional add-on to your home.

What’s not to love about timber? Kane Builders can customize and tailor to your dream home design. Give us a call today to start planning

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