As we enter a new decade, you may be looking at your home and thinking it needs some updating. Aside from normal wear and tear on a home, colors, cabinets, flooring and fixtures all change over time. If you’re thinking of tackling some large remodeling projects at your home, we have a few tips to help make the process smooth instead of stressful.

Setting a Complete Budget

When setting your budget, it may seem easy to say that you’ll estimate or ballpark the budget for your home remodel. Make sure your ballpark estimate includes some wiggle room just in case there are complications during the process. Have a “slush fund” avoids feeling stressed if something should come up. If nothing does pop up unexpectedly, you’ll have a little left over at the end that could be used to furnish a new space.

Work From a Design

Everyone working on your project needs a design. Planning and changing as you go can lead to confusion and extra costs.

When creating your design, it’s always best to consult the experts. They will help you decide on all the details both large and small. Lighting, fixtures, knobs for your kitchen drawers and tile are just a few of the small things that tend to get decided later in a large project. Things like lighting, for instance, may be limited when decisions are made late.

Hire Professionals

Saving money by doing-it-yourself seems attractive. However, in the end it may be more costly and time consuming than if you’d hired qualified professionals from the beginning.

There are plenty of contractors and designers out there, so interviewing and finding a professional that can create the look you want is essential. Be sure to read reviews, check portfolio work, and confirm they have the proper licensing and insurance. They will be working in your home. You want the best of the best.


Once your project is in motion, communication is the key ingredient to keeping it running smoothly. Whether that’s answering questions from the contractor or asking your contractor questions, communication about the project helps to reduce stress for everyone.

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