This home build is a combination of “Rocky Mountains meets Napa Valley”. It holds 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a full Spa, a full-size gym, two full sized bars, a wine cellar, a golf sim, movie theater, and so much more!

Kane Builders will take you through the home and tour you through this grand masterpiece!










Vaulted grand entrances! Custom millwork and timber with all -around precision!









Making a grand entrance:









Open floor plan for the kitchen – A great way to entertain guests especially during the holiday seasons.










Grab a good book, or some great company for this seating lounge!










With 10 bathrooms in this household, it’s hard to choose your favorite one!









Enjoy a full spa day at home when it’s freezing cold out.










Take a all glass elevator ride through the heart of main floor up 3 stories. When you arrive look at the beautiful views of the lake!










Can’t forget the in-home movie theater










There’s plenty more we could cover, but nothing can do it justice like our YouTube video tour! Check it out if you want to see more in motion.