Whether you’re a star chef or a beginning baker, one of the most popular remodels homeowners dream of is an updated kitchen. A beautiful, well-stocked kitchen organized with all the accessories you need can inspire even the most novice of cooks to try out some new recipes, which is why we’ve featured three big additions homeowners love to ask us about.

A Bigger Island with Storage

An outdated kitchen might not have the ideal set up for the space you need, which means you’re also missing out on valuable opportunities to improve your kitchen. The right sized and designed island will actually make your kitchen appear larger. Once you have more counter space, you can set up a baking station with a standing mixer, blender, and other commonly used appliances. Plus, a granite counter is perfect for having room to roll out bread, pasta, etc. Then, with more storage space underneath, you can stow away all of your cooking or baking accessories when not in use to keep your counter clear and clean.

A Double Oven Set Up

For those avid bakers or striving bakers looking to improve, a double oven can really step up your game. If you’re testing how a pie bakes at two different temps, for example, you can get them both in the oven at the same time and save yourself hours of time. Plus, when you’re showing off your skills to friends and family, you can get food on the table even quicker. You’ll look like a pro to all who get to enjoy your cooking and baking.

A Coffee Bar

If you’re more interested in improving your coffee or espresso game, then a bar set up with everything you need might be the perfect addition. Plus, homeowners can get it customized to include all the coffee accessories they like: an espresso machine, a cold brew tap, a Keurig, an electric kettle, a steamer, pour over setup, etc. Then your kitchen becomes your own coffee shop where you can save some money long-term and play around with different coffee drinks.

If you’re looking to improve and inspire through your kitchen, give Kane Builders a call to start discussing possible kitchen remodels. We want to bring your dreams to life while also designing the best kitchen for your space and needs.