No matter the season, there are days where you just want to stay in. Be a homebody in style when you have one (or all!) of these rooms in your home.

Game Room

Whether you’re going for retro, classic, or modern, a game room can encompass so many different aspects of entertainment. You could choose to focus on video games and a big gaming setup or maybe go for board games instead with lots of storage and a large table for everyone to sit around. If you want to explore new technology, there’s also the option of turning it into a virtual game room with VR headsets or setting it up for virtual golf. There are so many ways to match your personal game style.

Movie Room

Instead of paying inflated theater prices, lounge in a home movie room you can use whenever. They’re perfect for those snowy days when the family is looking for something to do and also those hot summer days when it’s more comfortable to stay inside where it’s cool. Plus, the kids will love how they can bring their friends over for a movie night. Clients always love having these in their homes, and it’s always a good investment for how often they’re used.

Home Gym

If you’re more of the gym type, having a well-equipped one in your home will save you lots of commute time. Plus, it can be customized to fit whatever exercises or machines you like to use the most. No more waiting your turn or having to obsessively wipe down a machine after a stranger has used it. These are also perfect for the whole family to get healthier and support any sports they play. Including a mirror wall, for example, is perfect for any dancers in the family to practice their routine, and then it can also be used to perfect yoga moves.

Custom Bar

When it comes to entertaining for the adults, a large, stocked home bar is always a hit. Plus, when it’s custom built to your home, you can focus on the type of drinks you like. For example: installing a wall of wine holders for your wine collection or having a fully stocked bar complete with all the cocktail supplies you need.

If you’re looking to elevate your home’s entertainment options, the experts at Kane Builders can plan the perfect remodel of your home. We’re experienced with full custom home buildouts and specific room remodels.