Planning for your 2020 renovation project can be a daunting task – especially when you don’t know where to start.

Kane Builders has experience with transforming homes from average, to exceptional and functional homes. We’ve seen it all when it comes to the design process with clients and running into hiccups during the building process. We’ll be covering the three things you should do when preparing to hire a contractor on to tackle your home renovation project.

  1. The Potential of a Prospective Project

You have thousands of dollars and most likely a set budget on the line for your remodel. If a contractor fails to see potential hazards or costs beforehand, your budget could be out the window in no time. It is important to ask questions all around when inspecting and factoring in different variables. Asking for resources and previous clientele information is always encouraged as well. It gives you an opportunity to better understand how other clients felt about the work and during the project process. Communication is key and highly important when it comes to a large task at hand!

  1. Require Certificate of Occupancy

There are many horror stories out there today with clients signing on a contractor that had no certificate of occupancy. This is important for any contractor to have so that your home will pass its series of inspections and safeguard your home from any electrical issues, fire safety, and other general building conditions.

  1. Bidding

When receiving multiple bids from different contractors, it might seem tempting to want to jump on the lowest price tag. Although it could seem like a great deal to save money- it could cost you in the long run. Every scenario is different but spending wisely also means investing in quality work and trusted professionals. Always be sure you’re choosing a contractor for the right reasons – and with confidence.

If you’re still unsure about what you might need to prepare for hiring- give us a call to discuss your concerns. Getting a second opinion from different professionals never hurts!

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