A new year brings new remodeling trends! Home remodeling projects are expected to increase in 2022, so it’s important to know what designs are popular. One perk about these new remodeling trends: they’re meant to stay in style for years. If your home design is outdated, or you’re just looking to start fresh, here are some of the top home remodeling trends for 2022.


In recent years, kitchens have become more about aesthetics than ever before, as the kitchen has become a place for people to gather. Functionality still remains as a top necessity, but homeowners are doing it in style! Bigger, deeper sinks are practical for someone who does a lot of cooking, but that sink can also be a focal point in the kitchen—apron-front sinks offer endless color and design choices.

We’re also seeing an increase in natural wood finishes on cabinets and islands, along with painted accents in other areas of the kitchen. Soft greens and whites are taking the stage in 2022, as these more neutral tones allow for other pops of color in the kitchen décor. Storage is another necessity, and homeowners are opting for walk-in pantries to keep cabinets free for cookware. Lastly, smart appliances are a must. Ovens that can preheat before you get home and microwaves that turn from the sound of your voice are convenient and also have shiny, new appearances.

Living Rooms

When people started staying at home more when the pandemic began, homeowners took a good, hard look at their living areas. Is it comfortable? Is it inviting? These questions spurred the recent trends that will be prominent in 2022. Warm tones provide the comfort that people are looking for, so natural woods and darker greens and blues are a popular choice for walls, flooring, and furniture.

For furniture, the old is new. Vintage chairs, tables, and décor are at the forefront of living room design trends. Vintage pieces make rooms feel unique and inviting, but many of them also elevate the space with their intricate designs. We used to see matching furniture sets as a common theme, but mismatching chairs and couches is far more popular today. They create a space that looks lived-in and well-thought out, as long as the furniture pieces match the room’s overall color and aesthetic.


Basements used to be an afterthought of a home, but not anymore! Basements are now an extension of the home, complete with amenities like full bars, home gyms, sports rooms, and home theaters. Knocking down walls and creating an open concept allows for more furnishings and for multi-purpose areas, but many homeowners are opting to keep some of those walls up so that the entire basement isn’t one big room.

With many people still working from home, basements have become a quiet space to create the perfect home office. The basement is also a place to offer some privacy, like adding bedrooms for teens. Overall, it’s still the space for all those fun, luxury amenities like game rooms and home theaters, which are perfect for entertaining guests.

One of the main takeaways from 2022 home remodeling trends is that the space should be functional while still being attractive. Comfort is key, but comfort doesn’t have to mean simple. Kane Builders is a customer-centered remodel and build company, so we’ll do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your expectations!